King and Queen of mine

Vita Pukštaitė Karalius ir Karalienė mano
Vita Pukštaitė Karalius
Vita Pukštaitė Karalienė
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“King and Queen of mine”. On a personal monarchy. Father is sitting in his own “chaos” where a perpetual motion machine is created. There is a photo on a wall with a mountaineer who is about to reach the top and goat looking down at him from the top. The caption is: ” Your biggest challenges are an everyday accomplishment for any goat”. The father is a scientist-inventor, political in his own patriotic way, and ironically believes that his ancestors are from the noble Pukštai family, with their own coat of arm. He makes luxurious rustic furniture. He prefers oak as a medium and also as symbol, so his portrait is framed is imitation oak.

The mother rests on the couch created by my father, like the icon that she is, surrounded by books on herbs and health food, gigantic Amaryllis, Aloe and Hieronymus flowers. She sits under her own “Three of Happiness”. Most of her life she working in a factory, doing inhalation procedures for workers there.

Frames for the portraits are fashioned in concrete; heavy, luxurious as the apartments of Soviet buildings that had specific classical interior with fake crystal chandeliers, neoclassical gypsum decorations, and linoleum floors to look like marble.

A people from the difficult time with a difficult destiny.



Enamel, copper, cement, steel. 220×170

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